About Us

Hi, i'm Donna and I make fluffy handmade pom poms for all your faux fur pom needs in Ontario, Canada. *waves*

I started this little business after creating pom poms for our previous company Bugalugs.  I tried to find pom poms locally #supportlocal, but after a run in with an overpriced neon pink pom pom at a craft store I decided to just go ahead and try to make my own (stubborn and bossy are 2 traits you might use to describe me!).  It didn't take long for other makers to notice our awesome (and did i mention fluffy?) poms and a little side hustle began.

Peony Lane Poms is made up of several key members.  My dad, mum, and myself all contribute to create the poms from start to finish .  All the fluffy balls of happiness are created by our little family in Brant County, Ontario, Canada.

We are so very excited to turn our little side hustle into a business and are so pleased you are considering our poms for your lovely creations.

Any questions, comments or if you just want to say hi, please click the contact form at the bottom of your screen.

Thank you for checking out Peony Lane Poms and it was nice to meet you. *awkward curtsy*